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Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Photo by CC-BY-SA

The cobblestoned street running north and south through the Market is indeed a thoroughfare open to vehicle traffic, as well as pedestrians, making it a tricky business to navigate via car. Because of this, our directions are written with a destination of 1531 Western Avenue—the Public Market Parking Garage located behind the west side of Pike Place Market.

One of the oldest continuously-operated farmer’s markets in the U.S., Pike Place Market presides over a nine acre historic district in the heart of downtown Seattle. Street musicians, sanctioned by the Pike Place Market Preservation Development Authority (PDA), entertain at designated locales throughout the market.

Its nine acres and more than a century of operation encompass thousands of fascinating stories — tales of immigration, internment, renovation and urban renewal — all that help explain why Pike Place Market is called “The Soul of Seattle.”

The Market is always transforming, Just when you think you have a handle on who runs the place, or what business goes where, it changes up on you, and you discover something new about it—some historical conflict that shines a light on its confounding configuration, some curious character who whispers one of its countless secrets into your ear.

And so, knowing that we could never pin down Seattle’s beloved landmark—without a doubt the greatest farmers market in America—we’ve used this space to tell you about the many discoveries we’ve made there.

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