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Reasons to Live In Seattle, WA

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This beautiful city of the State of Washington is included among one of the largest cities of the world. Seattle was colonized by Native Americans 4 centuries ago, and it is still one of the best places to live in. While there are numerous reasons why natives of Seattle love the city and others wish to move to Seattle, some of the most wanted aspects are below.

Dreamy Climate Casting a Spell

Seattle is a coastal area and one of the largest seaports of the US. This is the reason why the climate is wet most of the times. High levels of humidity, oceanic temperature, and cloudy weather create the perfect dreamy theme you can enjoy. With mild to heavy rainfall throughout the year, and relatively less frequent snowfall, all four seasons of the year set a mood that people enjoy.

Love for Art and Culture

The natives as well as tourists visitingSeattlemake it a well diversified city in terms of culture and lifestyle. The city promotes nightlife, art and culture to a great extent.Seattlerecords the highest attendance at dance and music events in the country. Dance shows, music clubs, orchestras, and theaters promote their love for art and culture.

The Ultimate Infrastructure

The city’s architecture is ideal for walkers and bikers. People go for a walk or jog alone, while some like to take their pets together. The infrastructure attracts bikers to show their riding tactics and amaze the audiences. Besides, the other aspect of infrastructure, i.e. communication are also strong because as much as 80% of the population has access to internet primarily from home.

Passion for Music

Seattleis particularly famous for its love and passion for music. Though different forms of music, such as rock, classic, folk, pop, etc. exist in almost every region of the world,Seattleis primarily engaged in alternative forms of rock music.Seattleis home to the world famous rock band Nirvana. There are approximately 100 music clubs and venues inSeattle, excluding the moveable ones.

Overwhelming Range of Organized Sports

This city very warmly welcomes all sports lovers as it promotes a number of sports including ice hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, roller derby, mixed martial arts aka MMA, and several others. There are proper playing fields/stadiums for all these games. Kids and adults can very easily opt for any sport they have passion for. Besides, the availability of coaches and trainers is even more relaxing a thought.

Vicinity and Landmarks

The city is highly developed with all the basic facilities of life. In fact, it is not just about necessities; the luxuries are also adequately available in the form of hotels, restaurants, leisure and tourist spots, and much more. Some of the most famous landmarks include the Ballard House, Admiral Theater, Bell Building,California Avenue Substation, Douglas Truth Library, Fremont Bridge, Green Lake Library, Old Norway Hall, Pantages House,Queen Anne Boulevard, Seattle Tower, Seattle Yacht Club, Washington Hall, and numerous others.

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